PRESCHOOL - Philosophy

The staff and Governing Council of Loxton North School welcome you to our Preschool.

We value and care for all children and families within our service by providing a safe and caring learning environment. We aspire to provide a service that meets the learning and wellbeing needs of the children and parents / caregivers in a way that complements and supports the family. We believe 

  • Children need an environment that is safe, welcoming, encouraging, stimulating, warm, secure, healthy and fun
  • Children learn through play and we encourage connections through nature play
  • Each child has a right to be heard, loved, cared for, accepted and safe
  • Through socialising with other children and adults, children develop a sense of self-worth, confidence and social skills 
  • Parents are the primary educators of their children
  • Parents have a right to be involved at any level with which they feel comfortable
  • Each child is from a family with differing backgrounds, values and attitudes ? Open and ongoing communication between parents, caregivers and staff is essential
  • Children benefit when staff reflect on their practice and engage in ongoing professional learning
  • We work together with other agencies in the community and beyond, for the benefit of the children, parents and families in the Loxton North Primary School Community